the look of it.

I originally wrote the following in Spring 2016. It’s been sitting as a draft ever since, though I’ve returned to it from time to time…like someone studying the pages of an old photo album. As I settle into my second year of sobriety, it’s become more and more difficult to remember what it looked like … More the look of it.

lovers past.

I think about you every day, if only for one swift and fleeting moment. Sometimes I glance in the direction of the apartment we used to share when I pass the building on my way to work. I wonder if you still live there. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a light in … More lovers past.

the things we keep.

Late-August and early September settled over my life and into my bones like a lingering storm cloud or a bad chest cold. I struggled against the days…railed against waking moments. Finding my way back to center required the vast majority of my energy and left little room for anything else. By September 10, I was … More the things we keep.

cautionary tales.

So here’s what happened. My beloved was standing at the stove, cooking our breakfast at 7:00 A.M. on Sunday morning because apparently I’m the kind of person who has a beloved and lets someone cook for me and enjoys waking up very early – even on Sunday mornings. I was relaxing, drinking coffee, and scanning … More cautionary tales.