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Welcome to brittanybare! Thanks for stopping by ♥

I’m a twenty-something woman, navigating life and learning lessons one precious experience at a time. I’m an avid reader with intense curiosity surrounding the human experience. Writing allows me the opportunity to expressively record and reflect on my journey, which is often messy, but always perfectly necessary. I believe in the Universe or Love or God (or whatever you prefer to call it). I believe we’re all just walking each other home. I believe in sobriety and coffee and women and the revolution of humans waking up to this big, scary, beautiful life.

Currently prepping for a 2019 thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail.

Hobbies include: hiking alone and often, yoga (I’m a newb), reading ferociously, scouring the shelves of libraries and bookstores for hidden gems, drinking coffee, cuddling my cat [Thackery Binx], trolling the internet for teachers and art and inspiration, sleeping for ungodly lengths of time, abstract painting, and pondering life and love and what comes next.

I dream. I pray. I wonder. I wander. I abstain from drugs and alcohol.

Take what works; leave the rest.


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